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St Louis Film Production

Watching a film is a lot like dreaming. A good film creates an immersive fantasy that we forget is not real–much like a dream. As we are unaware of how active our mind is while we dream, so the filmmaker works ferociously behind the scenes to create a seamless sensory tapestry.  As the architects of these celluloid dreams, we must strive on both a creative and a technical level.  Only in the union of these two disciplines is the viewer transported into living worlds, emotions, sensations, and thoughts that formerly only dreams could provoke.

We are a film and video production company dedicated to providing individuals and businesses a unique opportunity to tell their stories in the most all-encompassing and incredible way possible through digital cinema! We do everything from corporate marketing film and business promotion content to legal and medical videos to website and YouTube commercials.

st louis film production stock footage

Robert Haller, St Louis Film Producer